Saturday, September 3, 2011

Book Review: Mother-Daughter Bible Study - Beautiful Girlhood

I  am so excited to share with you some great resources available from Pumpkin Seed Press for parents who want to mentor and prepare their daughters for life in both character and actions.

(These books were sent to me in exchange for my honest reviews.)

     Pumpkin Seed Press sent me three of their devotional books for review this past month. Before I even started reading, I was so impressed and blessed by their quality in artwork and design and the extensive resources for parents listed in each book.  I can't wait to start these studies with my 13 year old daughter soon, the first being "The Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood" for young ladies 8-15 years old.

     I have heard of the original book by Mabel Hale/Karen Andreola entitled Beautiful Girlhood, and I had been hoping to start this study with my daughter.  How exciting to learn that there is a companion guide to this book!  In the companion book, moms are encouraged to spend an hour a week with their daughters reading the original text, going through the study in the companion book, and spending time in prayer for a total of 32 character training lessons/weeks.

     That may seem overwhelming and too much to take on at once, but this book is organized into each weekly session, pre-printed with questions to discuss, ideas for application, and space for journal responses.  All I need to do to prepare is spend time in prayer, then open the books, read the Chapter for the week, and  follow the rest of what has been prepared in easy steps in the book to train and mentor my daughter.  All of the steps are laid out for me; I just have to prepare my heart, listen to God's voice and leading, and set aside the time to spend with my daughter over a cup of tea.

     If your heart's desire as a mom is to spend intentional time each week with your daughter covering the topics of womanly character, Biblical truths, and moral values, I highly recommend this book and study as one you should pursue with your daughter.

     The Companion Book can be purchased at their website: here  Shelley and the Pumpkin Seed Press company also has a companion website for moms who desire community and ideas in starting this study with their daughters called B'twixt and B'tween.  Please go there to join a community of moms and daughters going through this study all over the world.  There is much to be gained from community and fellowship; I can't wait to get started!

Thanks Shelley for your efforts in this for us!

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