Saturday, September 3, 2011

Book Review: Mother-Daughter Bible Study: Beyond Beautiful Girlhood

     The second book sent to me for review was Beyond Beautiful Girlhood (plus Companion Guide).  Again, the artwork and design were eye-catching and so beautiful to me as I am very attracted (and distracted) by the visual parts of a book.  This study is for mothers to help guide and train their daughters in managing their homes, lives and spirits (summary found on book cover) and is a perfect study for those young ladies ages 13-21.  

     Just like Beautiful Girlhood, this book is meant for a mom and daughter to go through together, spending time each week in discussion and prayer.  This book has the original text coupled with the companion study, and the questions, activities, and resources inside are so rich and thorough.  I can see that this book would document such a special and intentional mother-daughter time; even now when reading it for this review, I could sense God's direction and tugging on my heart to get started on the sections for moms, to prepare myself to lead my daughter into His ways and calling as a Christian woman.

     This book is not only beautiful (like all of the books available from Pumpkin Seed Press), but it is also very visually organized and easy to follow (which is very important to me too).  This study, depending on how long you plan to take with each section, can take anywhere from 7-21 weeks.  

Each Chapter of the book has the following format:  
  • Chapter to read together
  • Reflection for Mom (Mother to Mother)
  • Mother's Journal and Bible Study
  • Daughter's Journal and Bible Study

     The thing that impressed me the most was the fact that the book (study) encourages the discipline and enjoyment of the Daily Quiet Time.  More than anything else we can teach and model for our daughters, the pursuit and development of time spent each day with God is the most important, especially at this age, and, I believe, will become the foundation of their entire lives.  I was so blessed to see this encouraged for both mom and daughter.  What intimacy can be gained from time spent in the Father's presence and then with each other, not only as mom and daughter but fellow women of God!

     If you are looking for a mother-daughter study that will bring you closer together, open up communication about topics that can foster a life grounded in God's Word, and prepare your daughter to confidently face growing into a woman, this is a wonderful resource for you!  How thankful I am to be able to have this book to share with my daughter in study soon.

     This book can be purchased on their website: here

(This book was sent to me by Pumpkin Seed Press 
in exchange for my honest review.)


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