Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Pulling the Plug" on Sunday Challenge

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     This may seem like a strange thing to come from a person who has just started blogging again, but I am feeling like God is calling and challenging me to set aside my Sundays as a "technology-free" day and take any freed up time and invest it in the relationships around me.  

     We get tempted to cram as many things in to each day and Sundays are no exception.  We run to church and run home.  We run errands and do chores we don't get to during the week.  We may even take the time to sit on the computer blogging, reading blogs and email updates, or catching up on Facebook.  I know that I have been someone who has spent time on Sundays doing those and many other things, especially when I worked online. I had to fit in the work when I could, and Sunday, other than going to church, was crammed full of the same work, stress, and checking things off on my to-do list that I was consumed with every other day of the week.

     Although I am not working a job now (Praise God!) and God is allowing me to be a full-time homemaker and become more home-centered, I can see that without some self-control I will continue to have my time and my tasks manage me.  I am choosing to be more mindful and intentional in this area; I pray that I can manage my time better and delegate my tasks to other days during the week to keep Sunday a day of rest, rejuvenation, and revival.  This challenge will be a step in better self-control and will lead me towards this goal.

     In choosing to do this, I am not being ruled by some outside standard of legalism and I don't want to put this challenge on anyone else, but rather I'm being compelled by a personal conviction God has placed on my heart in this area;  I want to be more intentional in spending time with my family and in worship of my Father God all the time, minus these modern-day distractions.  Setting aside my Sundays to "pull the plug" on technology will be a step in the right direction.

     Does anyone care to join me?  Pray and ask God to show you if He desires for you to set aside Sunday (or even part of that day) for private worship with Him and time spent investing in your family and relationships.  I intend with His strength to set aside the next four Sundays and not spend time interacting with media or technology, other than using my phone as necessary.  I pray that in doing this, He will draw all of us in my family closer together as we draw closer to Him.  

     His Handmaiden, reaching for the Hem,


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  1. Gina, I think I need this challenge, but I am really scared that I might not succeed. Technology can have quite a hold on us, can't it? Thanks for challenging me to unplug my computer and plug into my family. Blessings!

    1. Blessings on you Keri! We are not called to perfection in this area, but more mindfulness and awareness of it all.

      I may start another challenge soon in this area since I feel it's time again.

      God bless you!



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