Saturday, August 13, 2011

Update: Pulling the Plug on Sunday Challenge, week 1

     I can honestly say that pulling the technology-plug last Sunday was less challenging than I expected, partly due to the fact that we were out of the house almost all day and I was away from my computer, etc.  We had church, a potluck, and spent the remainder of the day out at my mom's house.  I did allow myself a few minutes in the morning to peruse my email in-box to check if there was an email from my pastor regarding worship that morning (I play the piano), but other than that I didn't turn on the computer, read emails or blog updates, and look on Facebook . . . and it was WONDERFUL!  

     That may sound strange coming from a Blogger, but, at heart, I am one who cherishes the old, simple ways of life and focused, intentional relationship and conversations.   I felt less stressed, rushed, or distracted when "unplugged" all day last Sunday.  I was tuned in more to my family, especially when talking with my husband and kids.  I made eye contact and didn't feel frantic, trying to do too many things at once, even if it is something I do to relax.  (I'm still learning how to do that too. . . :-)

     During the day, I found myself becoming more aware of all of the times that I normally feel led to check my phone (emails) and Facebook as a general rule, and how easily it can be a distraction for me, even as a person who isn't techie by any stretch of the imagination!  I also started noticing how many other people were screen-watching all around me. It's become an epidemic today in our society and people feel the need to be "too connected" and unable to stay with the here and now because each notification sends them into a panic to check into what's new and what they may be missing.  

     What was once a huge faux pas has now become the norm.  Most of us wouldn't think to take a phone call when visiting or out to dinner with someone, but we screen-watch our phones, checking email, updating Facebook, and texting back and forth.  Most if not all of that can wait until we complete the time we spend with that one person.  Doing those things, when trying to be there for someone else, is an indication, directly or indirectly, of how we value them and the shared relationship.  I believe that we can show them their value by letting the other stuff go.  It can wait.  Yes, it can. :-)

     Although I am thankful for the advances in technology we have been given, I feel like it has taken the place in our society where we once placed a larger emphasis on authentic, face-to-face relationship building and one-on-one interaction.  Connecting through a screen and technology is a blessing, but, if given the choice,  I still prefer the real interaction we can have over a cup of something warm, looking into someone's eyes, or holding onto a real card or hand-written letter.  It's like the difference between eating a piece of mom's best apple pie, savoring the flavors and the enjoyment it brings to share it with someone, or just seeing a picture and the recipe in an email, sent to you by your mom.  

I'll take the apple pie please.  I'm choosing 'apple pie" Sundays from now on.

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