Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Creating Contentment Seminar: Gabby Moms Review

I was so blessed to have been given an opportunity to review this seminar for Lorrie Flem and her website, Eternal Encouragement.  I t has been a joy to become a part of the Gabby Moms and the the review team; this month's resource is quite a special treat!

The Creating Contentment Seminar is definitely worth the $3.00 investment; the visuals matched with the pictures alone are worth that much to me as a study resource for learning how to create contentment in my personal life.  

Lorrie's voice in the audio is so calming and each word from her mouth is so positive; she makes my heart feel like I am sitting at the couch with her in her home, just soaking in the encouragement that she is sharing from her heart.

One of the things I will remember from this resource is that contentment is a choice; it's all a matter of perspective and choosing to be a peace with God and His plans and Will for my life.  Even if I am in an uncomfortable place, I know that God's love for me and His care will always be enough, more than enough, and better than being anywhere else.

Creating Contentment is an active choice, not a passive mindset.  Lorrie summarizes the process to Creating Contentment in 14 Steps (Actions) in this seminar; when followed and implemented, and supported by the Work and Leadership of the LORD in our lives, we can experience the joy and peace that come from living in blessed contentment, no matter what our particular situation.

I can attest to the fact that true contentment isn't dependent on gaining more money or losing weight; it's in resting in the promises and love of God for you. If you decide to invest in obtaining this seminar for your personal library, I know you won't be disappointed.

BY THE WAY - there will be another Seminar entitled:  "True Womanhood is Not for Wimpy Women" - and it will be available on the website on March 1st!  Sounds like one that you don't want to miss!  Learn more about it here.


** This was a Gabby Mom Review opportunity and will be posted on their Facebook Page**
**This product was provided in exchange for my review, I was not compensated in any other manner **

Math Made Simple: Review

Over the past month, I was given the opportunity to review the Math Made Simple videos that have been created for Algebra 1 instruction and review.   It is a series of 13 videos that provide "one-on-one" instruction for the advanced/struggling math student.  With the instant download complete, at the click of the button, your student gains the access to have a tutor in their own home - but they are given the opportunity to decide where, when, and how they receive the instruction!

 The website states that, "The Algebra I category of math lessons covers the beginning Algebra skills including the language and symbols of algebra. Tutorials start with basic algebra terminology. Lessons follow on exponents, multiplication & long division of polynomials, solving linear equations, solving word problems, solving linear inequalities, operations with radicals, zero, negative & rational exponents, factoring polynomial and working with rational expressions. These lessons cover the fundamentals to prepare for Algebra II."

I would have to agree.  When watching through the videos with my kids, I was impressed with how organized and detailed they are in explaining the math concepts and working through different math problems to illustrate that specific concept.  I enjoyed seeing the teacher/tutor writing on the "board" with a real writing implement; it brought back memories of me being in math class many years ago!  The speaker's voice is soothing and calm, which is a huge bonus to keeping "math tension and fear" to a minimum!

Since the instruction is presented through a video format, the student has the ability to go at their own individual pace.  I know that there were times I needed to pause the video for a moment and then start it again.  If a student is having a really hard time with a particular concept, you are able to start it from the beginning and review it over and over again until they are able to grasp the information.

Another thing I found helpful is that once you purchase and download the videos in the series, you can use it again and again with your students.  It will become a part of your individual student/teacher/homeschooling-help library!  I am always looking for help in teaching math to my kids; this is one resource that I will be using at least three times considering I am homeschooling three kids!

Because it is so simple and the presentation isn't flashy, one of my kids was a little bit disappointed that she wasn't getting "entertained" as she was learning, but for a child with ADD/ADHD, any extra stimulation would probably be distracting.  I for one find the amount of information adequate and organized and geared towards a left-brain and visual learner.

You can order the series I reviewed here and learn more about the Math Made Simple by going here.


** This was a Gabby Mom Review opportunity and will be posted on their Facebook Page**
**This product was provided in exchange for my review, I was not compensated in any other manner **