Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Math Made Simple: Review

Over the past month, I was given the opportunity to review the Math Made Simple videos that have been created for Algebra 1 instruction and review.   It is a series of 13 videos that provide "one-on-one" instruction for the advanced/struggling math student.  With the instant download complete, at the click of the button, your student gains the access to have a tutor in their own home - but they are given the opportunity to decide where, when, and how they receive the instruction!

 The website states that, "The Algebra I category of math lessons covers the beginning Algebra skills including the language and symbols of algebra. Tutorials start with basic algebra terminology. Lessons follow on exponents, multiplication & long division of polynomials, solving linear equations, solving word problems, solving linear inequalities, operations with radicals, zero, negative & rational exponents, factoring polynomial and working with rational expressions. These lessons cover the fundamentals to prepare for Algebra II."

I would have to agree.  When watching through the videos with my kids, I was impressed with how organized and detailed they are in explaining the math concepts and working through different math problems to illustrate that specific concept.  I enjoyed seeing the teacher/tutor writing on the "board" with a real writing implement; it brought back memories of me being in math class many years ago!  The speaker's voice is soothing and calm, which is a huge bonus to keeping "math tension and fear" to a minimum!

Since the instruction is presented through a video format, the student has the ability to go at their own individual pace.  I know that there were times I needed to pause the video for a moment and then start it again.  If a student is having a really hard time with a particular concept, you are able to start it from the beginning and review it over and over again until they are able to grasp the information.

Another thing I found helpful is that once you purchase and download the videos in the series, you can use it again and again with your students.  It will become a part of your individual student/teacher/homeschooling-help library!  I am always looking for help in teaching math to my kids; this is one resource that I will be using at least three times considering I am homeschooling three kids!

Because it is so simple and the presentation isn't flashy, one of my kids was a little bit disappointed that she wasn't getting "entertained" as she was learning, but for a child with ADD/ADHD, any extra stimulation would probably be distracting.  I for one find the amount of information adequate and organized and geared towards a left-brain and visual learner.

You can order the series I reviewed here and learn more about the Math Made Simple by going here.


** This was a Gabby Mom Review opportunity and will be posted on their Facebook Page**
**This product was provided in exchange for my review, I was not compensated in any other manner **

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