Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Review of Helping Hands at Home - Lorrie Flem

Joyful Hearts and Helping Hands

I was blessed to be able to become a reviewer for Lorrie Flem and her website Eternal Encouragement at the beginning of this year.  In addition to being a book reviewer, I will now be a "Gabby Mom" for E.E. and have the opportunity to share reviews on products and services that will be helpful to a homeschooling momma.

Helping Hands at Home is the first item I was given to review - - - and I have been blessed by the impact it has had on my family after only one run through.  I rounded up my nine year old and six year old and the cleaning supplies ... and we were off! 

These two kids have been begging me to let them do chores to help momma; it was no issue to get them motivated to clean together, as a team, following the process in the e-book.  In addition to that, taking this time to teach them how to do these tasks has helped me hand off the responsibility of these chores to them.  They woke up this morning asking to clean the bathroom and kitchen!  

In this e-book, Lorrie is very organized and detailed in her presentation of the steps involved in coaching our children to learn how to efficiently and completely clean the bathroom and the kitchen - two main areas of the home that need daily attention. I love that the book includes lists to post and follow and it also includes tips and encouragement for the mom throughout the process.

On a personal note, I was the oldest of five kids - - - and had to take on lots of responsibility at a young age for cleaning, childcare, and cooking.  I never had my mom teach me or show me how to do any of it; I figured it out along the way.  In following Lorrie's procedures in teaching these steps to my own kids, I will be honest and admit that I even learned a thing or two that will help me be a better homemaker.

I know that my experience isn't unique; I have a feeling that when others take the time to follow the outline and steps in this e-book, they will also get to see first-hand the joy of teaching their kids to take on more responsibility and the ability to complete their chores and take care of their home. 

My expectations were exceeded in putting this e-book into practice with my own kids: I didn't think that I would see this level of excitement on the faces of my kids and the cheers that came from working hard to beat the timer and seeing a job well done!  

My son, in particular, was very self-motivating and encouraging to his sister as he kept saying over and over that he was doing a "smoking job" and could hear things getting squeaky clean!  Too bad I missed getting a clip of these moments on video, complete with the aprons!

Considering that  it is available for Kindle for only $.99, I know you will find it to be a worth-while investment for your family and homemaking library.  It's worth every penny!

Let me know what you think!
*  Disclaimer:  I received a copy of the e-book in exchange for an honest review. *


  1. Love it! I wish too that you had the excitement on video. That would have been a blessing to see

    1. Thank you for your comment, Cindy! Next time, I will know to start the video rolling to catch it! :-)

      God bless you!


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