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Book Review: The Love & Respect Experience: A Husband-Friendly Devotional that Wives Truly Love

I have heard of the Love and Respect Cycle and the ministry of Dr. Emerson Eggerichs to marriages around the world. When I was given the opportunity to review his new devotional that was based on his well-known book, I was excited.

This book is full of the truths of the original book he wrote, but it is a wonderful devotional for husbands and wives that can stand on it's own.  I think husbands and wives would find it to be a welcome tool for growing together in understanding and intimacy.

Dr. Eggerichs wants everyone to take note that this is a "husband-friendly" devotional, and I would have to agree after consulting with my husband.

  1. The cover is made of soft, masculine "leather" that would appeal to any man.
  2. The book is organized and each devotional is only 3-4 pages long - with large text.
  3. There are 52 separate devotionals, but this book has no dates tied to each one.  You can take this devotional at your own pace and there is no pressure to keep up.
  4. It's written by a man, for a man, to lead his wife in learning more about God and each other.  It's helpful without being intimidating.
  5. Many men desire to lead their wives to a deeper level of spiritual closeness, but don't know where to start.  This book will help them jump in and be able to start that process.
I found it to be beautifully organized and full of wonderful information for the newly married, a marriage in crisis (financial/sexual, etc.), or the seasoned couple; it really can touch a couple in any situation.  

In thinking about how this book is set up, I especially wanted to point out the following: 

1. Introduction:
  • Dr. E. starts the book with a helpful introduction.  It sets the tone, the atmosphere, for the husband from the get-go.  I believe that in reading the introduction, the husband will learn to trust this author and know that this devotional won't be full of husband-bashing or anything that will be overly confrontational.  That being said, the book uses Scripture to start, lead, and guide each devotional.  If there is conviction, it will be the work of the Holy Spirit through the reading of the Scripture focus.  
  • The introduction covers and offers tips for the wife, giving her insight into her husband's needs/mindset/triggers that would prevent him from opening up to her and being faithful in leading her in this study.  In know that wives, as a general rule, desire this deep intimacy but can also be their own worst enemy by taking the wrong approach or attitude with their husbands during a time when he is sharing his heart and being vulnerable.  I thought it was great of Dr. E. to share this with the wives; I learned good things from it.
  • He also gives helps to spouses doing this devotional alone.  It is a sad fact, but very likely, that there are men and women who are desiring to build and improve their marriages, but are doing it without the support of their spouse.  God will be there in their need and be with them in a special way as they do this study.  
2.  Devotions have a:

  • Bible Verse for the Spiritual focus
  • Boxes with key insights
  • Questions to guide the couple 
  • A prayer at the end of the reading passage
  • An action step to take to put the devotional into "action"
3.  The "back" of the book includes:

  • Extra helps in the appendix
  • More in depth "discussion" questions that will expand on each devotional
  • A summary of the Love and Respect Cycle (the information in the original book)

To conclude, this book would be a welcome addition to the library of any married couple that may be new to the Love and Respect concepts or of the seasoned couple that hopes to reinforce what they may already know but need help putting it into practice.  

"Without (his) love, she reacts without respect;
without (her) respect, he reacts without love."  p. 209

Stop the cycle of defeat in  your marriage 
and enjoy the blessings of God in your relationship.

(I received this book for free from Booksneeze in exchange for my honest review.)

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  1. Oh wow. What a wonderful book! Will and I would have loved that. He is one of my favorite authors. Great job with the review! Sounds like a book that will be a blessing to so many. Enjoyed reading your review.

    1. Thank you, Mary Joy! You are such a blessing to me. <3


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