Saturday, July 30, 2011

Book Review: Love at Last Sight


   It was the title that drew me in and hooked my interest to open this book to learn ASAP what would lie inside the cover.  With a title like "Love at Last Sight" one might take a guess that this book would be another run-of-the-mill self-help book, and I admit that I wasn't ready for the impact this book would have in my life and my relationships. I'm only getting started in absorbing all that this book had to offer.

     Right off the bat, this book started with the encouragement to choose three relationships that are not where you want them to be at the moment or that could be improved upon using the steps outlined in the book.  Immediately, I felt convicted, knowing that although I do my best to ensure that my conscience is clear towards others and I don't harbor any known grudges, there are relationships in my life that I value that haven't stayed as close as I want them to be. I immediately was awakened to the fact that I could do something about that.

     Rather than waiting on that other person in the weakened relationship to take the initiative to reach out of do something to improve things between us, I decided to seek God in knowing how *I* could be the one to make the first move, even if I was thinking it was "their" turn.

     The Shooks (the authors of LALS) have set up a wonderful website and developed a SmartPhone App that helps the reader apply the concepts in the book even more.  By taking this 30-day Challenge, you will learn how to practice the Four Lost Arts of Relationship Building:

 1. The Art of Being All There

 2. The Art of Acting Intentionally

 3. The Art of Risking Awkwardness

 4. The Art of Letting Go

     I can't report on how the relationships I am working on are improving; only God knows the ending of the story He is writing about them.  I do know and can report that I am left with the peace in knowing that I am taking an active role in improving the relationships in my life.  With God's help and the tips provided in this book, we can all have Love At Last Sight.

Disclaimer - Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group gave me a free copy of this book for reviewing purposes. 

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