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Book Review: Lioness Arising

     This is the first book that I have ever read from this author, although I have heard of her and been intrigued by the titles of her works for a while.  When I found out that I could receive and review this book, I immediately could sense that it would change my life; there are books that can do that to the reader by just them reading the synopsis.  I can honestly say that from the moment I opened this book, I was not disappointed.  She has put words to my heart's cry.  

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     Lisa Bevere, along with her husband, are the visionaries behind Messenger International,  which seeks to "inspire(s) godliness while imparting freedom through uncompromised messages releasing people into their fulfilled life in Christ" (quote from their website).  This book, the latest in Lisa's focus in calling women into the truth of God's Word, takes the metaphor of a lioness and a modern-day Christian woman and weaves a riveting account of how God can use the lioness-woman to:

  • be a stunning representation of strength*
  • fiercely protect the young*
  • lend your voice to the silenced*
  • live in the light and hunt in the dark*
  • raise a collective roar that changes everything*
           *Points found here, at her website.)

     Too often, it becomes easy to be focused on the here and now, in the small bubble of our own existence (and fight for survival) as modern-day women, even as women of Faith.  Lisa challenges us to start thinking of the impact we can (and should) be having on our world by becoming women-warriors who are mindful and deliberate in our focus to impact our world for Christ, as individuals and as a group united with a common calling.  

     As an English teacher and a lover of the written word, I throughly enjoyed the fact that she was able to take the metaphor of the lioness and develop it fully, weaving Scriptures throughout her book, showing me the truths of this concept.  Once I was able to finish reading and close this book, I was inspired anew; I could see that I needed to redirect my thinking to be intentional,  powerful, and visionary, according to the Word of God and not my narrow-mindedness of "reality" versus having the eyes of faith.

     After reading this book, I am reminded again that nothing is impossible for women of faith to achieve when God has called and then equipped all of us, regardless of our personal, daily tasks, age, or situations, in reaching our family, friends, communities, and the world with the truth and clarity of the Gospel and the Love of God.  For such a time as this, yes, we as women of God are called to be world-changers according to the lioness roaring inside all of us.

Will you listen and heed the roar of your sisters in the field?  We are calling you to unite and join us as we redeem the time and change our world for the Glory of God!

Disclaimer - Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group gave a free copy of this book for reviewing purposes.

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