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Book Review: Life Without Limits

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Through videos on YouTube, the information on the Internet, and other forms of news media, most people have been able to learn and be inspired from the story of Nick Vujicic. This young man has become a hero to many, as he seeks to invest his life serving and inspiring others through his example of living a life without limits. 

He has been able to travel the world as an inspirational speaker through dedication, hard work, and fortitude, and he has been able to achieve many if not all of his childhood dreams. What makes him a remarkable man and his achievements so noteworthy is the fact that Nick has never let his life be limited by the fact that he was born with no arms or legs. He has had to open his mind and choose to live a life without limits - - - and the world has never been the same. 

I was able to read this book at a time when I was at a crossroads in my own life - I was seeking to know what to do about where I was at this point in my mid-thirties with being newly unemployed and seeking to know where I was called to go next. I was feeling trapped by my circumstances and unable to see how I was going to find my way out of this into the next step. Nick spoke to me, through this book, and I don't think that I will ever be the same again. 

He opened my eyes to see myself as a person of value, a person who can make a difference, and as a person with only this moment, this day, this life at my disposal. I know that I want to make it count! I don't want to waste a moment looking back; he encourages us to open your arms and mind to imagine the possibilities of what you can achieve when you purpose in your heart not to limit yourself by your attitude, the fear of potential failure, or the immense needs of others out there in the world. Each of us are here for a reason. . . and by seeking to make a difference in the lives of others we meet each day, we will find out true calling and life's work. 

By reading the accounts of his struggles and triumphs, along with his positive, encouraging words, I felt the flame of passion for serving and following my authentic calling again. This 30-something wife and mom of three kids was able to remember what it was that I used dream of doing and what I pursued with passion. Reading his words made my heart soar and my spirits rise! Nick's love for God and people comes through on every page, and his humorous take on rough times reminded me again of the importance of keeping an great attitude in facing the hard times; humor is the pillow to catch is when we get pushed to the floor in life! 

I would recommend this book to anyone, especially since the message is timeless, inspirational, and genuine. He has a pure heart of love for all and the enthusiasm he has for experiencing all that life has to offer really touches me. Nick works so hard every day to reach the stars in every area of his life that he has set off a tidal wave of service and philanthropy. Make each moment of your life count by investing it in the lives of others. Doing so will enable you to also live a life without limits!


Disclaimer - Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group gave a free copy of this book for reviewing purposes.

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