Friday, March 15, 2013

Review of: "Mr. Science Teacher"

I had the opportunity to connect online with Mr. Matthew Poston, a.k.a. Mr. Science Teacher, a few weeks ago where I was asked to step into the role of a student meeting him for a tutoring session for the purpose of this review.   It was a very enjoyable experience and one I would highly recommend to others without reservation.

It's been over 20 years since I was in high school chemistry -  and I still remember some of what I learned way back then - but after meeting with him, I can honestly say that I learned something new and had fun at the same time. Because of his methods in teaching this concept, I don't think I will forget what I learned in our session either.  Talk about a win-win!

I want to point out from the start that I was very impressed with the professionalism of this teacher and his website and materials; I have also taught in an online environment (4+ years).  Because of that, I was able to go into this session with the background knowledge of what it takes to engage a student through the Internet while going in to this session "playing" a student.

Mr. Science Teacher has what it takes to be a successful teacher and tutor online because the presentation is simple, charming, and engaging.   He is a great conversationalist and I felt comfortable talking with him and hearing his background and passion about engaging students and helping them become successful in Science and Math, his other subject of expertise.

The format that Mr. Science Teacher uses covers all of the learning styles, and that makes it a wonderful resource for every student and their needs.  He talks to you one-on-one in real time (auditory learner) while he writes on an online whiteboard and includes colorful images and graphics to support the learning process (visual learner) .  In addition to that, the student is encouraged to write on the whiteboard along with the teacher, showing the real-time evidence that they have learned the material.

Since I am a visual learner, I enjoyed getting to see what I was learning as I heard the Teacher explain the concepts to me.  It was fun to write on the whiteboard and hear from the Teacher that I was doing such a great job in learning a special concept in Chemistry centering on the Periodic Table of Elements.

I wholeheartedly endorse Mr. Science Teacher and his services through Mr. Science  I enjoyed getting to sample his tutoring and teaching abilities online and I know that investing in his services for your student needing Science and Math tutoring will be an enjoyable experience and a worthwhile investment.

I wish Mr. Matthew Poston and Mr. Science Teacher all of God's best and much success in teaching many students in the future to love learning about Math and Science!

Find his website here
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He will be at a homeschooling convention this year, maybe near you!  Learn more here

* I was given a tutoring session online for free in exchange for my honest review *

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