Friday, June 1, 2012

Five Minute Friday Post: "See"


I've been trying to see out of glasses that have been damaged for a while now, and in doing so, it has been affecting so much of my ability to carry on with normal life.  I find myself squinting my eyes to see through the lenses, my eyes are feeling tired, and I know that my dizziness and headaches can be due to my eyes being challenged in this way.  But, I resist getting them fixed due to time issues and the unknown details of working out the financial details with my eye doctor's office to have them repaired.

So, I continue to deal with horrible glasses and the trickle-down issues that seriously affect my daily life.  I resist making it a priority to change or fix something so simple because of the unknown cost it will take.

.... Aren't we like that with other things too, especially of a spiritual nature?

I know that God's truth, the reading of the Word, is like putting on a pair of glasses that give you the ability to see things for how they really are and give you the ability to discern right from wrong.  When we were born with our sinful natures we were each born with flawed eyesight and we need the glasses of Truth to give us the ability to see things in a Godly way.  Too often we continue to reject the very thing that can give us clear eyesight and continue to stumble along in life not able to see things clearly.  When things get dark we may even get afraid of not being able to find our way along the rocky path in the blurriness of our uncorrected eyesight.

The sad part of life is this:  we all have been given the opportunity to choose to put on the glasses of Truth of the WORD to be able to see everything more clearly and better find the obstacles in our path.  I pray today that I will remember to pick up the Word, read it, and then apply it to my life so that my vision is clear and the things of this life will come into better focus.

Maybe I will even make that dreaded eye doctor appointment to get my glasses fixed.  :-)

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  1. Wow...I really liked this post on See and especially the spiritual analogy. Thank you for the encouragement to see through God's eyes and His word.

    Praying that you make that eye appointment and for the Lord's provision of time and resources.

  2. Beautifully said! You have such a gift for sharing His truth in a real and down to earth way. Thank you for the important reminders here. I am so blessed by your writing and insight.

    Love you, sis!

    Mary Joy


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