Sunday, December 1, 2013

College Prep Genius: Gabby Moms Review

I cannot tell you how excited I was to be able to review the College Prep Genius DVD SET  through Gabby Moms!  I have a daughter who is in tenth grade and is at the beginning of the process of preparing for college, studying for her PSAT/SAT tests, and researching scholarships.

This resource couldn't have come at a better time!

My daughter has already expressed her worries about knowing how to prepare for this test and wants to earn the highest test scores possible as early as possible.   How awesome to know that this program exists  - and not only exists, but promises to help high school students prepare for the test to have the best chances of earning enough scholarships to attend college for free!

What a tremendous resource!

I liked the fact that this DVD/workbook set was set up in a very organized fashion.  The DVD hostess even outlines how to study for these tests and breaks it down into how to prepare by grade.  After watching the DVD, I thought back to my time of taking the SAT MANY YEARS AGO and I couldn't help but wish this resource had existed then!  It really is that helpful!

I learned a lot by watching this DVD series.  I didn't realize that you aren't required to answer every test on the SAT - that the PSAT is used for deciding who is qualified to be a National Merit Scholar - and that you can approach the tests with logic and strategy to earn the highest score!

I loved the fact that the DVD teaches students to approach different parts of the tests with different strategies, easily remembered through the use of ACRONYMS.  How many of us still remember the colors of the rainbow or the notes on the musical staff because of the acronyms we were taught to remember that information?  I learned some effortlessly by only watching a section of the DVD ONE time; how much more will a student retain by really studying this material!

This DVD set also teaches to each type of learner:  
  • The visual learners like me can watch the DVD and follow along in the workbooks as the hostess teaches each section.  The DVD mirrors the books exactly and even includes visual lists and helps.
  • The auditory learners can listen to the DVD narration as they review the concepts.
  • Lastly, the kinesthetic learners can take breaks and move around as they "attend this DVD seminar" - and - once the hostess reviews the material for each section, the student is encouraged to do a practice test to practice the new concepts.

I am blown away by how much information I learned in such a short amount of time.  My daughter is also excited to know that just by watching these DVD's, practicing the tests, and following the advice of the materials and using the lists, she will have everything she needs to prepare to do her best on the PSAT/SAT.

I highly recommend this product to every high school student to use as they prepare to take this test.  After considering the price, I am convinced that it is more than fair for the amount of material presented, the completeness of the set in fully preparing a person to take the tests,  and the fact that the DVD's  can be used again and again for multiple students.  

* Disclaimer:  I received this DVD/workbook for free 
in exchange for my honest review. *

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